Quality Policy

Dr Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre has committed to sustained quality excellence through providing reliable pathological testing and diagnostic services to patients, hospitals, institutions, community & other interested parties.

We envision our Laboratory to emerge as an industry benchmark for its quality of services & operation. We believe in a perpetual process, business innovation &well focused on continually improving the effectiveness or our Quality Management System through:

- Producing accurate, reliable & producible test results.

- Adopting modern laboratory techniques & research-based methodologies.

- Inculcate a culture of customer driven organization & deploy appropriate initiatives to enhance customer confidence & satisfaction.

- Providing timely & efficient services to customers.

- Fostering a hygienically safe work environment for internal & external customers.

- Adhering to professional conduct & code of ethics.

- Facilitating R&D based organization in terms of new diagnostic technology & methodology development.

- Projecting Dr Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Cnetre presence in medical profession & health care industry through technical collaborations, publications & participation in seminars.

- Participating in charitable events, working for NGO’s & other non-profit organization to provide better health care, education & skills to the lower-class population.

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