Corporate Social Responsibility

Community involvement is the way we are demonstrating our commitment as a socially responsible organization and giving back with healthy life cycle to our local community. We provide free camps in needy areas and offer research with continuing education seminars for both, the patient and physician population. We are especially interested in Women and Child health and we are intensely on a mission to eliminate Polio from Pakistan. We are also actively sponsoring all sports, especially Table-Tennis, Basket Ball, Sword Fencing, Volly-Ball, Foot-Ball & Hockey to encouraging the nation’s youth to focus their energies in a more positive, socially responsible manner.


“We are committed to doing good things in the community where we live, work and serve with exploit awareness programs regarding several fatal disease to patient assistance and charity support.”


Awareness Camps

Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre conducts awareness camps in collaboration with local or international NGO’S & interested charitable organization which are held for the public regarding common illness & their early diagnosis & effective treatments. These camps provide information, test & services free of cost to the community. We also arrange diagnostic & educational camps in needy areas especially for Anemia, Thalassemia, Hypertension, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Cataract, Malaria, Flu Meningitis etc. The results of this study support public health efforts get us help to reduce in these diseases among public and making them more aware.


Charitable Activities

The villages in Pakistan have poor health care facilities due to which we have taken the initiative of constructing a completely free of charge hospital in Peer Jo Goth, Sindh. We also donate supplies to schools, hospitals, jails & old ages homes. We are involved in increasing female literacy in Pakistan, educating & empowering them by increasing their knowledge of basic hygiene & enhancing their skills by building industrial homes in villages.


Vaccination Camps

Our organization also holds vaccination camps in many rural & urban areas for hepatitis B & C, Polio, Flu and other communicable & non-communicable diseases. We are especially interested to contribute in health & care activities for women and child to eliminate the Polio disease completely from Pakistan.



Dr Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre is very active in the sports arena. We encourage people each time to be active for good health and sponsor in almost all sports, especially Table-Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis and hockey to encourage the nation’s youth to boost up their energies in a more positive and socially responsible manner for e.g Table Tennis, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Hockey, Bridge, Darts, Polo, Horse Races, Fencing, Sepaktakraw, Golf, Soft Tennis and Rugby.


Department Of Research & Technology

Our organization conducts different studies to test new antibiotics & Drugs for Pharmaceutical Companies. We also provide a variety of research projects for PhD’s, M. Phil’s, MCPS, FCPS, & MS. Our lab has presented hundreds of papers in local & international journals and symposia. We welcome Doctors, Research Scientists & Research based institutions including Pharmaceuticals to work as a team with our organization or use their resources & facilities for further studies.


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